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The Learning Institute for Excellence (LIFE) inspires students and educators across the country to be lifelong learners. 

We do this by teaching students real applications of mastered concepts, engaging them in the fascinating history of the studied concepts, and constantly challenging them with rigorous educational standards.


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Why Work With Us

Practically, LIFE coaches students of all ages at all levels with an individualized focus based on our Curriculum of Mastery.

Practically, LIFE coaches students of all ages at all levels with an individualized focus based on our Curriculum of Mastery. We work with educators and academic institutions by providing educational enrichment programs and personalized learning for their students, educator training to use our tools for mastery, aid in curriculum development and other resources, teach life skills, and any other educational service based on the client’s needs and desires.


LIFE desires to see every high school student graduate with college-level courses mastered. We want to see every educator equipped to inspire uninterested students and challenge the inspired. 


And, we want to students and educators to engage confidently in all areas of life, not just academia. Through these goals, we raise the bar on education and grow students and educators who excel in life. 

ACT Preparation Course

Students and parents frequently ask us if we are able to help prepare them for the ACT. 

LIFE has the resources and abilities to provide this service. We stay up-to-date on the most recent selection of ACT test preparation materials, such as The Princeton Review and Barron’s publications, and we stay on top of the annual changes to standardized tests.

We will begin our ACT Preparation course at select schools on January 9th.

If you would like to know more about our ACT preparation course, take a look at our ACT Prep page and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Our Approach to ACT Preparation

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Questions about LIFE or our ACT preparation? We’re here to help!