Tools for Mastering Mathematics

LIFE provides and administers the Moodle-based website “Tools for Math” to aid students year-round. Summer courses and academic year resources are hosted on the site. Guests to the site can browse the resources and courses, but to gain full access to the site potential users must create a free account. We enroll our coaching students into relevant courses so they always have access to useful resources and our assessments.

All the resources we use are either created in-house or under open-source/Creative Commons permissions. We prefer to reach out to the authors even if they place their works under an open license just so we are certain we can use the resources and to give credit where it is due.

This website is constantly being updated and maintained due to courses being removed, added, developed, or any other such occurrence.

Another resource-

Use Course ID 4627; there is no enrollment key

Please let us know if you have any questions.

LIFE's Educreations Account

Amos Tarfa hosts several math-focused courses with useful resources on his Educreations account. This aids LIFE in coaching and teaching online. Students can register in a math course by going to the following link and signing up on the Educreations website.

Or, if the student already has an Educreations account this course code can be used to register: 14D557