LIFE Services

Our services are all focused on inspiring and coaching students and other lifelong learners to achieve excellence.

Academic Coaching and Tutoring

Academic coaching and tutoring includes one-on-one and group sessions on math, science, or any other area of study.

Math and Education Consulting

We offer math and education consultations for schools and home-schools.

Curriculum Design and Development

We create custom curriculum for all education levels and age groups.

Enrichment Programs

Our educational enrichment programs include classes, events, and seminars on various topics of interest.

Books and Resources

We offer education resources that have been reviewed and tested through use in teaching and tutoring.

Assessment Services

Our educational assessment services include assessments of tests, homework, essays, and other materials.

Book Groups and Learning Groups

LIFE offers reading groups, research projects, and any other sort of support that the student needs.


Information on how to pay for our services is found on the About/Contact Us page. For cost of services rendered contact us.